You don’t need a decked-out, off-road-ready Jeep® Wrangler to take on winter driving in Toms River, NJ. At Lester Glenn Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, our staff is quite well-learned on the subject of winter driving. To help you stay safe this holiday season, we’ve compiled some valuable pieces of winter driving advice.

Out of the many pieces of winter driving advice worth giving, the most important is to stay off the road when conditions take a turn for the worst. Winter weather in New Jersey can be rather unpredictable, but when storms hit, it is highly recommended that you avoid driving entirely. However, we also understand that this option is not always available to drivers, and in some instances, you may need to take to the road regardless of the weather.

If you do have to drive when the roads are slick, icy, or covered in snow, we suggest greatly reducing your speed. By staying at a low speed, you can greatly reduce your chances of hydroplaning, and also mitigate the damages of an accident if you do end up losing control of your vehicle.

Of course, we also recommend that you have your vehicle fully serviced before the winter cold sets in too deep. Your car is made up of a number of moving parts, all of which are susceptible to the cold. By receiving a thorough inspection and necessary repairs by a technical professional, you can continue driving into the new year without a single hiccup or mishap.

If you’d like to know more about how you can stay safe, warm, and dry this winter season, our Jeep service representatives are more than happy to help. At Lester Glenn Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, customer service is our specialty, and customer satisfaction is our number one goal.