Are you thinking about buying or leasing one of our new RAM trucks, a 2018 Dodge Durango, or another one of our brand-new vehicles? Are you interested in one of the used vehicles we have for sale at our RAM dealership in Toms River, NJ? Regardless of whether you want to get a new car or a pre-owned vehicle, you can make your upcoming transaction more affordable by trading in your current automobile.

While trading in a car isn’t the right move for everyone, it’s often a good idea if you don’t need or want to have multiple vehicles. When you trade-in your current car, you can use the money you receive as a down payment on a new or pre-owned vehicle at our RAM dealership.

To get the most for your trade, it’s important for you to determine the approximate value of your current ride. You can do this easily by using the Trade-In Appraisal tool on our website. To access this free tool, visit our website, click the Shopping tab, and then select Trade-In Appraisal.

In addition to figuring out what your trade is worth, you should clean your automobile before you trade it in. While you don’t have to have your vehicle detailed, you should remove any debris that’s in your car, vacuum the interior, and wash the exterior.

If your automobile originally came with any accessories that have since been removed, such as a spare tire, make sure you put these things back in your automobile. Be sure you bring any extra keys with you when you trade-in your car, too.

To expedite the trade-in process, bring your current car’s title, registration, and maintenance records to our RAM dealership when you’re ready to trade-in your vehicle. For more tips about getting your automobile ready to trade-in, contact Lester Glenn Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM FIAT today.