At Lester Glenn Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, we know that our customers are busy, and that’s just one of the many reasons we try to manage your new vehicle search efficiently and effectively. There are many ways we can help make your purchase decision and ownership experience easier, and one of them is sharing helpful tips.

Some of the most challenging items on our to-do lists are actually the simplest, but many of us don’t have time to accomplish them in a timely manner. One great example is cleaning out your car. Read below for some of our favorite simple suggestions for cleaning out your car – and keeping it clean.

  1. Keep your vehicle in the garage as often as possible. This strategy will help to protect your vehicle from the elements, and once you have a clean exterior, you’re sure to want to maintain a neat and tidy interior.
  2. Save your meals for the dining room. It can be tempting to eat behind the wheel when your whole life is on the go, but doing so will be more likely to leave messes like crumbs and wrappers in your wake.
  3. Keep a trash bag in your vehicle. In the event that messes do still present themselves, it’s smart to have a place to put them. A trash bag also spares you the embarrassment of discovering a stray candy wrapper under the passenger’s seat three months into your diet.
  4. Take something out with you every time you leave the car. This method will help you clear away any recent messes the day they happen, which helps you avoid nuisances like stains, and it also helps you de-clutter your car on an ongoing basis.

For many drivers in Brick, the 2015 Chrysler 200 can be as much of a closet or spare change drawer as it is a vehicle, which can make it a major challenge to keep clean. Follow these four tips and you’ll be on your way to tip-top tidiness!