Safe driving requires enough concentration when you’re just dealing with the other cars on the road, but during the warmer months of the year, drivers may also need to contend with one additional obstacle: cyclists.

At Lester Glenn Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, we know that cyclists may come across as a distraction to drivers, but the last thing we want either party to experience is danger. That’s why we would like to take this opportunity to impart five of our best tips for sharing the road with cyclists in a spirit of safety for all.

  1. Acknowledge that cyclists are exposed to greater danger than you and your passengers. With no vehicle shell to protect them, cyclists are immediately more prone to injury, and drivers must respect that vulnerability in order to provide them with the safest roadways possible.
  2. Maintain three feet of clearance from cyclists at all times. This distance is a regulation in many states and it provides both drivers and cyclists with a greater, more consistent cushion of space in which to maneuver.
  3. Go out of your way to communicate with cyclists. As you drive your 2015 Chrysler 200 through Brick, you are probably accustomed to signaling your next move, but you will need to be extra careful when driving near cyclists as they may be traveling in your blind spot. You should also be on the lookout for cyclists’ turn signals – a raised left hand or extended right arm indicates a right turn while the same movements from the opposite arm indicate a left turn.
  4. Only check your phone while in park. We would encourage you to stick to this rule whenever and wherever you are driving, but we cannot over-stress the importance of this action when human lives are involved.
  5. Check for cyclists before exiting the vehicle. This last tip is simple and considerate. For cyclists, any obstacle could mean potential injury, and one thing many cyclists have to fear is an open car door. So before you step out, glance in your rearview mirror or out the window to be sure that there are no cyclists approaching your vehicle.