Here at Lester Glenn Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM, we have a vast inventory of some of the best 2018 and 2019 models for sale. If you’re shopping for a new vehicle like the 2019 Jeep® Cherokee, you may have noticed that you have several options when it comes to your engine.

As your Brick and Toms River, NJ Jeep dealership, we want to help you with your vehicle search by offering up a quick breakdown of modern car engines. Many car manufacturers use multiple engine configurations to give your vehicle the power it needs to perform. However, understanding what the specs mean can be difficult.

For most modern models, there are three basic engine types. There’s the four-cylinder, V6, and V8 engine. For many cars, a four-cylinder engine is arranged vertically in an inline configuration. Meanwhile, six and eight-cylinder engines are configured in a V-shaped configuration, which is why they’re denoted as a V6 or V8 engine.

While a V6 engine typically produces more power and torque than a four-cylinder engine, that’s not always the case when smaller engines are turbocharged, a technology that allows the engine to maximize performance.

If you’re looking for more power, you’ll want to take note of the number of horsepower and torque an engine produces. Horsepower refers to how fast a car can move and torque refers to how fast your car can get to your desired speed.

While more power is enticing, larger engines have a poorer fuel economy than smaller ones. Furthermore, not every vehicle benefits from a larger engine due to its size and your driving needs. The best way to figure out which powertrain is right for you is to take it for a test drive! So, visit our Toms River, NJ dealership today to explore your favorite models and find the right one for you.