There’s nothing quite like enjoying your new vehicle. For most of us, testing out our new car, especially an adventurous vehicle like the 2019 Jeep® Cherokee, makes the long search process all worth it. Whether or not you’re a new driver, though, driving is a responsibility, and it’s imperative that you know how to navigate common road hazards and unsafe driving conditions. We want to take a moment to go over some of them so that you know what to do if you run across one.

Here at Lester Glenn Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, we take our commitment to our customers seriously, and we not only want to get you into a new car, but we want to help you drive safely in that vehicle with these tips.

The most common kind of road hazard here in the Toms River, NJ area is a weather hazard. Whether it’s rain, sleet or snow, there are a few things you should do when driving in inclement weather. First, slow down and drive at a manageable speed. You should also create more space between the cars in front of and behind you. As a preemptive measure, ensure that your windows and windshield are always clean for maximum visibility. Keep an eye on your washer fluid levels, which people can forget about.

Another common type of road hazard are reckless drivers. Reckless drivers are often distracted (e.g., on their phone), under the influence, driving too aggressively, or driving much slower than traffic. If you encounter a reckless driver on the road, it’s best to slow down and let them pass.

Other road hazards can include everything from children playing in the street to construction zones. The best way to avoid these common hazards is always to stay alert while driving and keep to the speed limit. The advanced driver assist features found on our new vehicles can help you keep aware of your surroundings and alert you to potential dangers. If you notice that any of your safety features aren’t functioning properly, be sure to schedule a service appointment with us today. Stay safe out there!